Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance: What Works For A While Eventually Stops

People who lose weight have found a way that works for them. But for many, what works for a while will eventually stop, and they revert back to old eating patterns, or develop new behaviors that are not conducive to weight loss and weight management. The reason is that throughout our lives we are always changing, and we have to learn to adjust our methods and beliefs about how to lose weight to accommodate those changes.

When you originally began to lose weight, you started from scratch and made changes. You renegotiated your relationship with food and your lifestyle; you determined what would work for you; and you formed beliefs about how to lose weight. Now that you are struggling again, you must be willing to let go of those beliefs because you and your life are not the same as before. You have to do the same renegotiating and you have to figure out what will work for you now.

To do this, you must pay attention to your present relationship with food, your current eating patterns, and to the role food and eating currently play for you. It is helpful to compare your current lifestyle to your prior situation, to help figure out what changes and adjustments you need to make.

The following is a list of things to explore so that you can adjust and continue losing and maintaining your weight: your current lifestyle, the role food currently plays in your life, your current relationship with food, your current relationships with others, your current relationship with yourself, your present desire to lose weight, your current stress levels, your current moods, your current interests, and your current opportunities.

Weight loss is a journey with infinite roads and no final destination. There is no one way for you to lose weight. The more information you have about yourself and the more aware you can be, the more likely you are to lose weight and maintain it in the long run.

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