Emotions And The Mind-Body Connection


We are both our minds and bodies. We are one being. Emotions can make us feel disconnected. Sometimes we deaden parts of our bodies to handle difficult emotions, such as depression and feelings associated with traumatic events. Sometimes we learn to deaden parts of ourselves as children to survive emotional pain.

I help people reconnect with use of body work, tending to the mind-body relationship, and with use of breath. Emotions cause disturbances in breath. When our breath becomes shallow, or short, or loses its rhythm it impacts our ability to handle overwhelming emotions. If you pay attention, you may notice that when you get anxious your breath becomes shallow, or you may stop breathing all together.

I combine body and feelings therapy techniques with other therapeutic interventions so that I approach treatment from all angles. I help people feel whole again, and sometimes for the first time. It is beautiful to watch, and I am honored to be part of people’s experiences and growth.  I love my work! The article above touches on the ideas about emotions and the mind-body connection.

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