Lessons from Ke$ha: Surround yourself with people who love you exactly as you are


Ke$ha said she is taking time off to learn to love herself again, exactly as she is.

Self-esteem (in part) means being able to stand by who you are, as you are, no matter what others may think. This is no easy task but it is definitely possible. When you can live your life this way it is truly freeing.

For Ke$ha, I would imagine it must be very hard to love herself exactly as she is when she has the whole world constantly judging her, advising her and criticizing her. This comes with being a celebrity, but it reminds me of how important it is for all of us to surround ourselves with people who love us exactly as we are.

When you hear something enough, or you tell yourself something enough, you start to believe it. When the people in your life are constantly advising you, judging you and criticizing you, it’s hard to believe in yourself or to like yourself. When you surround yourself with people who make you feel good about who you are no matter what mistakes you make, who don’t put you down or invalidate your feelings, and who remind you that you’re a good person with good intentions, you will begin to start believing it.

It’s not easy to love yourself as you are when you’ve spent your whole life being told you should be different by parents, teachers or peers. Yet it’s never too late to start feeling better about yourself. As a child, you didn’t have a choice but to listen to what people told you about yourself. Now, you can choose who you want to listen to, who you want to believe, and how you want to feel about yourself. It starts by recognizing which people in your life make you feel good about yourself and which make you feel bad. When you stop engaging with those who bring you down, you’ll see how much better you begin to feel about yourself.

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