3 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Someone Who Is Upset:

3 Things Never To Say When Someone Is Upset:

Three things never to say when someone is upset:

1. Relax: Telling someone to relax when he or she is upset sends the message that you don’t want to hear it. When someone is upset, the last thing they want to be is silenced.

2. Be happy: Telling people to be happy when they’re upset is dismissive and invalidating of their experience. It’s not like they’re going to say, “ok, good idea.” It also sends the message that you don’t’ understand what the person is going through.

3. OK: When someone tells you they’re upset and you respond with OK, it can seem like you don’t care.

The best thing to do when someone is upset is to tell that person you want to be helpful but you don’t know how; ask the person what he or she needs. That way you express your feelings of frustration or helplessness, as well as giving the person a chance to tell you what you can do to be helpful.

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