Dear Caitlin: My boyfriend finishes too soon and leaves me hanging

Dear Caitlin: My boyfriend finishes too soon and leaves me hanging

1186315_4822421613162_388622102_nDear Caitlin,

I feel like every time I have sex with my boyfriend, he finishes and I’m kind of left hanging.  I feel awkward saying something because I think he might get defensiveIs there something I can do or say that will make him realize I need a little bit more from him?



Dear Awk,

It’s great that you’re ready to start saying something because you deserve to have your needs met too! It can be very awkward to ask for what you need in bed when you’re not used to asking. It gets easier once you see that it’s ok, and that your partner can handle it, and wants to please you. Of course, if he doesn’t want to please you, you should find someone who does! Think about it: you’re meeting his needs, so why wouldn’t you expect that he meet yours?

Right now, he may think he IS pleasing you. Perhaps, in the past, whatever he is doing was enough for his other partners. Or, it’s possible that his previous partners didn’t feel comfortable telling him what they needed. A lot of people want their partners to just know, but that’s not fair to them. Everyone is different, so each new partner has the responsibility of communicating his or her needs.

There are many ways you can ask for what you need. There is a difference between asking for what you need, and telling your partner he’s not good in bed or not pleasing you. It’s important that you stick with, “I,” statements. For example, “I really like xyz.” Or, if you’ve been leading him to think you’ve been having orgasms even though you haven’t been, you can tell him you have the best orgasms when someone does xyz to you, and you’d like to share that experience with him.

You’ll need to know what you like, which is sometimes a challenge for people. That takes exploring your own body so you know what to ask for.

Now, if your partner gets defensive or tells you he doesn’t want to do what you need, or he tells you you’re wrong about what you need (yes, there are people who will do any and all of the above), that’s information that you need to consider about your relationship. It might be scary to ask because you’re afraid you might get answers such as these, and it would hurt you. However, being left hanging is hurtful too. So, you’ve got choices. You can take a risk and ask for what you need, and then deal with the result. Or, you can continue to feel unsatisfied, which will likely lead to resentments and your relationship will likely become problematic.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when you do something new. But, like everything else, the more you do the uncomfortable, the more comfortable it becomes. Good luck!

My best,


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  1. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    after a man has an orgasm his brain chemistry shifts. Generally, he loses interest in sex for minutes or even hours. For him, biologically, the encounter is over. It’s his biology. Not his or your fault. For that reason, it can be helpful to leave him hanging at least until you have had at least one orgasm. See if you can take turns pleasuring each other in a way so that you have an orgasm but he doesn’t until somewhat later. Tell him you want more extended mutual foreplay and at least one orgasm before intercourse. He’ll benefit from being highly aroused and ready to go and from your body also being aroused and able to offer him peak pleasure (your vagina will feel much better to him after you have had an orgasm). You’ll enjoy intercourse more and get some satisfaction from that initial orgasm. Don’t be shy about “helping” him coax you to orgasm. It can also help to have a vibrator handy so you can finish yourself after he collapses at the end. If you lie in bed touching yourself and heading towards another orgasm after he finishes, telling him how much you enjoyed it, he is likely to enjoy being with you and watching you. Watching a woman enjoy post coitus orgasms is very pleasing for many guys. Sex neither starts nor finishes according to his biological timetable. If you want another orgasm, go for it and ask him for gentle help. He will likely be fine with it.

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