Meet Sylvia Plath, My Chihuahua

Meet Sylvia Plath, My Chihuahua

My dog, whose name is Sylvia Plath, knows a few of the keys to living a happy life: give love, accept love from others, and forgive. I adopted her from PAWS in January, 2014, and already she’s taught me many life lessons.

She was found running around North Philadelphia, all skin and bones. I don’t know what her past was like, but she definitely didn’t hold a grudge! She’s the happiest and friendliest chihuahua I’ve ever met.

Sylvia Plath weighs 6.5 pounds, has endless energy, and a passion for chewing my hair ties. Ironically, she also loves to chase words on my computer screen as I type them. Sylvia Plath was the perfect name for a word chasing dog!


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