The Dangers Of Diets

The Dangers Of Diets

Have you tried every diet known to man, only to find yourself back where you started? If so, you are the norm, not the exception.

Diets don’t work in the long term. Few people are able to lose a significant amount of weight. Of those who do, most will gain it back within 2-5 years, regardless of their method for weight loss.

Why Don’t Diets Work?

1. Deeper issues need to be addressed. Diets don’t address the deep issues that lead to obesity and disordered eating. With time, those issues will resurface, and the pounds will pile back on. To lose weight and keep it off, you must be willing to face your pain, your past, and your present. Doing so is hard work!

2. Diets promote restriction and control. People fear moderation. Diets perpetuate the fear that moderation leads to excessive eating and loss of control. I believe it is rigidity and restriction that actually lead to loss of control. We can’t lose control unless we are trying to have control. When we try to stay on a narrow track, we can fall very far away from our path. With moderation, the stakes are lower, and there is less distance to fall. In fact, with moderation, there is more support to help us move toward our goals.

3. Diets foster a mind-body disconnection. Diets don’t support connecting people with their bodies. It is the mind-body connection that informs us of what we need, and enables us to choose how we want to meet those needs. Diets encourage people to continue to mistrust, ignore and deny themselves. Ultimately, you will find that you are too strong to be diminished.

It’s not easy to turn away from diets and toward yourself. You may not trust yourself when it comes to eating. That is not fair to you, however, because you probably have not truly turned inward and given yourself a chance. I believe we all know what we need. As babies we knew. When we learn to trust ourselves again, we find the answers and the strength we want.

Consider that perhaps it is the diets that have let you down, not you. And, maybe, it’s time to throw away the diets and get connected with yourself!

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  1. My discovery in the process of shedding 50lbs packed on during extended medical problems and weight gaining medications, was that neither exercise nor diet could put a big enough dent in the gain but that both were required in large measures. Once I accepted that and learned to exercise hard with minimal to no fuel for several months the weight dropped off. But I am TOO GOOD at shutting down signals from my body and denying myself. I’m very optimistic about keeping it off as my new weight matches my life historical weight precisely. Still, the point in moderation is a good one, especially after weight has been dropped. Moderation means that binges are less likely and that food intake will be healthier. But any way you go about it, math applies. In order to lose you simply must burn more than you consume for an extended period of time. There are no shortcuts around the math.

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    Excellent. I like your last changes

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