Sex Therapy

I am certified in Sex Therapy through the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). Sex Therapy Certification through AASECT requires rigorous education, training, and supervision in treating issues specifically pertaining to sex and sexuality. As a result, I am uniquely qualified to help you with sex and relational concerns.

I work with both individuals and couples who are struggling with issues pertaining to sex, sexuality, intimacy, and connection. Through therapy, people develop a healthier relationship with their sexual selves. Unhelpful beliefs about sex are explored, and inaccurate information is identified and corrected. Unrealistic pressures, unfair expectations, and shame are alleviated. Through this work together, sex becomes fun, playful, and a fulfilling experience of connection.

Therapy can help you learn new techniques and skills to expand your sexual potential. You can learn to be present with your bodies’ sensations; you can discover what feels good and how to open yourself to receiving pleasure. You can learn what you don’t enjoy, and how to communicate this to others.

People learn a new language to talk about their bodies and their sexual experiences. They become empowered in their sexuality, instead of feeling uncomfortable and fearful of it. Sex therapy enables individuals and couples to create satisfying sex lives in which they are present, connected, and fulfilled.

I treat a variety of sexual concerns, including but not limited to: low sexual desire, sexual dissatisfaction, difficulty enjoying sex, trouble communicating about sex, desire discrepancies in couples, struggles with orgasms, concerns with sexuality, negative body image, lack of sexual knowledge, issues surrounding gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, coming out to friends and family, gender transitions, and other LGBTQ concerns.

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